Ceramic Pendant Lamp LED powered, 'Zeppelin', D25x115

Model: 1750.115 Zeppelin
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Ceramic pendant lamp led powered 'Zeppelin' D25x115cm

ceramic pendant lamp led

ceramic pendant lamp led
is a suspension lamp in fretwork ceramics with an aestetique as antique as lace but with a mood as contemporary as the technological process which created it. Designed to catch the eye in its white as well as in its coloured version, Zeppelin transforms the environment in a place with a strong and versatile individuality.
This lamp is powered by high efficiency leds, the same you could find on the wings of a modern warcraft: they guarantee years and years of chromatically perfect light consuming a fraction of the electricity normally absorbed by traditional bulbs: 16 Watt istead of 128 Watt! About the 90% of
saved energy (and what about Co2 not produced?).

ceramic pendant lamp led


Technical features:

cod. 1750.115, cm.25 x 115; adjustable cable, max 150cm; 9 led x 3.8W
240 lumen, available cold light (5000°K) and warm light (3500°K)

Also available:

cod. 1750.090, cm.25 x 90; adjustable cable, max 150cm; 6 led x 3.8W
cod. 1750.065, cm.18 x 65; adjustable cable, max 150cm; 3 led x 3.8W

1750.115 Zeppelin


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