Halogen Hotspot 12V, 50W with transparent crystal

Model: 78R5972
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Construction material(s): Metal and Glass ;
Available finishings: Transparent (clear);
Bulbs:  1 x GU5.3 Max  50w ;
Exavalent chromium free (It is lethal...);
Rohs certified (toxic substances free);
CE Certified (European saftey standard comply)
Electrical material certified and marked by the most important European electrotechnical safety institutes.


Bulbs not included, click here to buy.


This spot requires a transformer (not included), click here to buy one:


How to choose a transformer.

1) Choose a transformer which power is greater than or equal to the sum of all spots power.
2) It may be necessary to use more transformers to reach power needed

Example 1.

1) You have to install two 20W spots: total power applied is 20Wx2=40W

2) You can use a transformer with a power range between 10W up to 60W (infact total power of the spots is less than 60W)

Example 2.
You have to install five20W spots. total power applied is 20Wx5=100W.
2) If the power range of  your transformers is between
10W up to 60W it's clear that just one transformer is not enough to feed 5 spots. So you need at least 2 transformers. Link three spots (3x20W=60W) to one transformer and the other two (2x20W=40W) to the second transformer.


How to install a low tension spot using a transformer.


collegamento di un 

    faretto a bassa tensione

A transformer is a device that transform main voltage (230-240V) incoming in its primary circuit into low voltage (12V) outgoing from its secondary circuit.

Connect spot cables with the secondary circuit of the transformer (one cable for each clamp of the secondary circuit). Switch off alectricity at the main, than connect main cables with the primary circuit of the transformer: Live (red cable) with live; neutral (blue) with neutral. Never invert polarity or short circuit.


Warning: an electric shock may be fatal, if any doubt please contact a qualified electrician.