Ceramic Pendant Lamp 'Mood' Hi-efficiency Leds powered

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Available in many different colours, is made of glazed ceramic by means of an ancient traditional technique invented in Italy centuries ago and never changed: each ceramic is hand made one by one and the "maestro" need much time to bake it.
This lamp is powered by high efficiency leds, the same you could find on the wings of a modern warcraft: they guarantee years and years of chromatically perfect light consuming a fraction of the electricity normally absorbed by traditional bulbs: 24Watt istead of 190 Watt! About the 90% of
saved energy (and what about Co2 not produced?)

ceramic pendant light led

ceramic pendant lamp led


ceramic pendant lamp led

ceramic pendant lamp led



Technical features:
Dim:30cmx30cmxh10cm; 12 watt (=96 w traditional bulbs)cold light (5000°K) lumen 350 or warm (3500°K) lumen 240
Also availablei:
Dim:50cmx50cmxh14cm; 36 watt (= 290 w traditional bulbs)adjustable cable, max 150cm;
Dim:40cmx40cmxh12cm; 24 watt (=190W traditional bulbs).

Mood applique


1700.40 Mood


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