Metal Halide Spotlight for electrified tracks

Model: 78R7788
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faretto agli ioduri metallici per binario elettrificatovendita on line - on line metal halide spotlight  buy

Voltage:     230V-250V
Bulbs:        1x70W.

Socket:       Rx7s.


This spot can be only used with track 78R7700 (click on the following drawing to open its design centre page)

schema binario elettrificato<< Click on this drawing to design your own track.


Track metal halide spotlight, structure made in varnished die cast alluminium; a starter for halide lamps is included. This spot requires a track model 78R7700.
Bulbs not included, you can buy bulbs here:

Warm light:  lampadina agli ioduri metallici<<<Click to open this bulb page


Cold light:    lampadina agli ioduri metallici<<<Click to open this bulb page


Why should you use metal halide technology lamps?


Energy saving (as well as fluorescent lamps).
Excellent colour rendering.
White and brilliant emission, very similar to natural light.
Compact size.
Very long life (just like fluorescent lamps).
Strongly reccomended for professional use (shop windows, showcases lighting, fair exhibitions, shops lighting).


Slow ignition.
An ignition starter is required (it is included in most of our spots).
Bulbs are a bit expensive (however, considering the remarkable energy saved and its very long life, its cost is quickly amortized)




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