Steel wall bracket, chrome or bronze or mat finished.

Model: 060 A.35
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Applique in acciaio con finiture nickel satinato.


Available finishings: chrome, nickel mat or bronze;
100% Made in Italy;
Exavalent chromium free;
Rohs certified;
CE; Certified
Made in Italy using ISO certified quality system.
Electrical material certified and marked by the most important electrotechnical safety institutes.


Applique in acciaio.  Applique in acciaio.Applique in acciaio.

Available finishings.


Suggested environments: Living Rooms, Hotel rooms, Bedrooms Shops/offices, corridors.
Dimensions: length: 16.5cm; height 10cm, width 11.5cm
1xR7S 78mm 75w, or energy saving.